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Simon is what you would call an all-around drummer!
Steeped in a background in classical percussion and a thorough knowledge of music history and genres, his playing on the drum set has a special, exciting flair. He takes great pride in his ability to mesh in a group musically, yet taking the lead when called for. He holds his M.A. in Music from the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen, Denmark (graduation 2006).
Various professional ensembles in the past have relied on him to keep the steady beat while they relish in the musical experiences he helps bring together. Simon has played with all sorts of ensembles, either standing in the percussion section or sitting behind the drum set. He has sat on a cajon to perform with the Balkan folk music trio Trip, as he has also performed a drum set solo with the Copenhagen Phil at Roskilde Festival (2006). He has worked with Sebastian, a beloved singer/songwriter in Denmark, and he also played in the pit as drummer/percussionist at the New Theater (Ny Teater) from 2005 - 2012: Denmark's Broadway theater. 
Future plans include more teaching and freelance work as a drummer in Upstate New York, where he now resides with his wife and two boys.